Pregnancy Adjusting with Fishel Chiropractic

Pregnancy causes many changes in a woman's body and with the added weight of another living being growing inside your belly, it is extremely important and beneficial for expecting mothers to receive chiropractic care. At Fishel Chiropractic, we make the necessary spinal adjustments to help pregnant women adjust their bodies to lessen the pain and weight of childbearing, making chiropractic care a holistic treatment that makes pregnancy go more smoothly.

Dr. Danielle is Webster Technique Certified. Webster Technique is a specialized technique that focuses on balancing the joints, muscles, and ligaments of the pelvis. This allows for the baby to get in the proper birthing position, offers greater comfort for the mother, and gives the baby more room to grow and develop. Research also shows that mothers who receive chiropractic care experience decreased labor times and less usage of interventions!  

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I started going to Dr. Danielle when I was 8 months pregnant to prepare myself for my unmedicated, natural birth. Danielle is a lifesaver... she is great with pregnant women and she has certainly helped me deal with the pains and uncomfortable parts of pregnancy. I would highly recommend her to moms AND non-moms alike. I've seen her help men twice her size and she is able to give them great care and adjustments, so she is not limited to only pregnant women and pediatrics. Also, I never have to wait, so that's a huge plus! I highly recommend Fishel Chiropractic!
Nicole P.

I started seeing Dr. Danielle about halfway through pregnancy. She has been so great at addressing my aches and pains and keeping me aligned as my body and baby grow and change! I would highly recommend her.
Kaitlin C.

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