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We're In the family BUSINESS

We think family is everything. That's why we think family based care is the way to go. We want our family to become your family. Let us help each other grow in health and wellness. Especially those who are just becoming a new family!


Dr. Danielle Fishel

As stated above, family care is our passion. Dr. Danielle Fishel has lived this passion through specializing in the whole child bearing process. She assists the woman's body from the moment she and her partner decide to conceive, to the moment of child birth. Her passions don't stop there though. She also loves to take care of the child neurologically, functionally, and developmentally as they grow from birth to young adults.

Our System 

We do things a little different than most chiropractors. We offer varying levels of care packages with people that are interested in making changes in their life. Frequency of care, and having health be something that is constantly on your mind are things that make a huge difference in outcome. With our care packages, we make it affordable to do both of these things. Purchasing any of our care packages gives you the opportunity to be seen by Dr. Danielle Fishel, or separately, Dr. Beau Fishel up to five times a week every single week until the contract runs out, or extending the treatments out evenly over the course of a year. It is encouraged to get in to be seen one day every two weeks at a minimum. We believe that receiving Chiropractic care on a regular basis is something that will allow you to live whatever life you choose at a healthier and stronger level. We say this, because it is what we recommend to our own family members. But, we know that every body is different and recommendations will be given on an individual case basis.